Just A Guy

Just A Guy

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Warning in Advance

Okay, so everybody's all excited and ready to "Celebrate Good Times" when conservatives take over a bunch of seats in House, Senate and Governor's Mansions tomorrow.  Before you get too euphoric, let's make sure we plan ahead for accountability.  My suggestion: the day after each winner takes office, his or her inbox and voicemail are flooded with messages of 1) congratulations, followed immediately by 2) a promise that if they don't honor what they ran on, they will be run out of town at the first opportunity.  No more repeats of the class of '94, no more "gee, I kinda like it here - how can I stay?"  No more "gee, these media guys really like me!"  No more "I know I was a firebrand while on the campaign trail, but let's not get hasty - you just don't understand how complicated Washington can be".

I am sick to death of the evil that the DC establishment and feather merchant class can visit on otherwise honorable people.  I am fed up with the notion that ground truth can be shaded and flexible, that principles can be situational and not foundational, that positions that call for a clear wrong and right can be "nuanced".  It is time to make sure that those we send as our representatives to the national debate are fully accountable.  Not later.  Now. From the start.

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