Just A Guy

Just A Guy

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Latest "I don't get it"

I've noticed lately (I noticed it before, but just haven't mentioned it yet...) entirely too many guys (as opposed to "men") riding crotch-rocket motorcycles bareheaded (and in flip flops, shorts and tank tops), but with a helmet clipped to the side of the bike. I finally asked myself, "what does this person think he's going to do in an emergency? Does he think his reflexes are so "Fantastic-Four" that if he starts to slide, or a big honkin' four-by-four with a cowcatcher made of 4-inch oil field pipe is about to squash him like a grape, he can quickly reach behind him, lift up the seat he's sitting on, unhook the helmet, cram it on his head, thread the strap through the buckle (all while keeping one hand on the throttle/front brake combo and the other on the clutch), and lay the bike down without high-siding it?

Hmmm...why do I get the feeling that if some of these macho guys were under the influence of scopolamine (truth serum), they'd answer, "I'm a great motorcycle rider! I can handle myself. The helmet's just for some bimbo I might meet at a bar, so she'll feel safe when I strap her to the back and ride 130 miles an hour down the interstate, weaving in and out of traffic so she'll be impressed and give it up to me".

I guess I could be making assumptions. I guess...

It's been that kind of week.