Just A Guy

Just A Guy

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bigger than the man...

The Founding Fathers envisioned that a grander priority would always take precedence over personal preference after the votes were counted. Well, here we are. Inauguration Day, and my distaste for the incoming administration must take a back seat to the overarching miracle that is the peaceful transfer of power.

The complete class of George and Laura Bush is remarkable, even considering my feelings that the 43rd President failed to put the right people in positions of authority to ensure his policies were effectively carried out. I was proud to serve him as my Commander in Chief. I will serve the new Commander in Chief to the utmost of my ability because the Constitution and the oath I took commit me to that responsibility.

President Barack Obama now has to "shake the stick" and let the American people know he is in command. My prayers are with him because the future of this nation depends on how he carries out his duties.

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